[LH2548] Error importing lists from macOS version

In my MacOS Scrivener doc (latest version) I have lists that use a check mark instead of the default bullet point.

When my document is opened in Scrivener for Windows (latest beta), all the checkmarks in the list are replaced by bullet points, except the first one that remains after the first bullet point (so the first point has a bullet point, then a checkmark, then the text.

This happens on all my lists, so should be easily reproduceable.

As this wasn’t fixed in beta 18 and still isn’t fixed in beta 19, I’m attaching screenshots of the differences between MacOS and Windows. I have made a ZIP file with a test project that should help reproduce all the issues I have reported that are still not corrected. Please let me know if you’d like me to send it to support, and how.

Here is the way the list is formatted in Mac OS:

Here is how it appears when opened in Windows (beta 18-20 included):

This has been filed. Thanks

Great, thanks for the confirmation. :slight_smile:

This isn’t solved in beta 21 / RC1.

I still get the check marks replaced by bullet points in my lists when I import my Mac OS project.

I see that the checkmarks seem to be replaced by bullet points when compiling to kindle instead of compiling to PDF. Is it by design? Can the Kindle not handle check marks in list, and only supports bullet points?

This is still not solved in beta 22 / RC2.

I have noticed two things:

  1. There is no option for checkmarks in the list menu in the PC version, only bullet points, circle and square, so maybe this type of list hasn’t been implemented on the PC side yet?
  2. When opening the document on the Mac, the check marks are still there and have not been replaced by bullet points, so at least it seems to be non-destructive.

Still no check mark option in the list options, so the same issue is still here in beta 23.

You don’t need to report this when the beta is updated. Simply check the new version’s release notes to see if the bug number is listed as being fixed. You can find the bug number in the subject line of the forum thread – the [LHXXXX] number.

If it’s not listed, then it’s not been fixed and the developers are still working on it – no report needed.

If it is listed as fixed, then try the behavior. IF it’s fixed, great! No need to report it. If, however, you see something that makes you believe the fix is not in place (or not complete), then post something in the appropriate thread with the bug number.

Still no checkmark option in the list menu on the PC version with beta 30, hence all imported lists with a checkmark are converted to bullet points on display in PC.

This means that it’s still not possible to compile a document using the PC version if it has check marks in lists.

As the file itself isn’t changed, it is possible as a workaround to compile on a Mac and get the check marks, but ideally the PC version should be used as a standalone.

Any chance to see this implemented at some point, or will the PC version simply not support check marks in lists?