[LH2586] : Page View changes background to gray irreversibly

When I choose Page View the background turns gray. When I turn off Page View, it’s still gray.

Note that Page View is not present (that I found) on any menu.

BTW, when you don’t have something on the menu it makes it harder from users to find it and increases your support load. For example, instead of saying, “Choose View/Page view,” your support reps have to say, “Find that little icon that looks like a, um, box. It’s probably on the left side, unless you’ve customized your toolbars.” etc.

Note also that the “Customze…” option should appear when the user right-clicks the toolbar.

Following standards makes apps easier for new users to learn, and “hard to learn” is probably Scrivener’s biggest barrier to purchases.

Thanks this has been filed.