[LH2589] Beta 6: Problems restoring the binder from a conflicted copy

I had a conflicted copy of the project in the folder. When Scrivener prompted which binder structure to use, I selected the one. However, the restoration didn’t complete as expected.

-have a project with a conflicted copy -file (mine was Project.scrivx and Project (My conflicted copy).scrivx
-open the project from by opening the Project (My conflicted copy).scrivx
-Scrivener asks you to choose the correct binder structure
-It then tells me that only binder is affected, not the files - hit ok
-> After this I get “File not found”. At this point, Scrivener has deleted the conflicted copy. I don’t know if it restored it because the binders were the same in both files.

As a side note - You should notify the user about files not being affect already in the screen where you choose the binder version. It’s relevant to know already at that phase that you won’t lose any data besider a changed binder structure, it’s too late in the following screen.

Thanks. This has been filed and should be fixed with the next beta release.