[LH2592] A problem with changing an icon with "Icon From Text"

Product: Scrivener ( Beta)
Platform: Windows (10.0.19042 Build 19042)
Name: K B Tidwell

Bug description:
Having selected “Icon From Text”, a selection of Emoji-type icons may be made. But if an icon is selected, then deleted because another would be more appropriate, the icon selection box does not pop back open. This forces the user to go back to the folder/file in question and go through the selection tree again to get back to the icon selection box.

Steps to reproduce:
Right-click on a folder or document and select Change Icon.
Select Icon From Text…
Select an icon in the icon selection box.
Delete the icon using Backspace.
Here the icon selection box should reappear.

Thanks for the report! This is on the bug list. The problem is that there is in fact an icon in the bottom left corner of the Icon from Text dialog, but it’s currently gone invisible. :slight_smile: It is still there, however, and you’ll probably be able to see the square change color if you mouse over that area. Clicking it will pop open the emoji selector again.