[LH2599] Binder display not converting properly during upgrade to

While this bug is obviously related to the display bug that is already known, it also appears the result of a separate bug that may not have been logged as yet.

The issue, In Version 1 I use the colour tabs in the binder to track which character’s POV the chapter is being told from. Version 1 automatically adjusts the colour of the text between black and white for better contrast.

The Beta has a much more tasteful appearance and uses a consistent soft grey background with coloured dots.

Unfortunately during the conversion to Version 3 the colour of the text is being carried across, and white is unreadable against the grey. See following example of before and after.

The original is version
The beta is version
I am running Windows 10 with administrator access
Project is not in a synced location
Running Avast anti-virus

I ran into the same problem. For now, you can set the color View->Use Label Color->Use Full Width in Binder, until they fix it.

Thanks RGLETTER. I haven’t actually tried to fix it as I’m developing a new story in beta, while using the stable version for the trilogy I’ve been working on for the last 4 years. Even though the beta seems remarkably stable I’m not prepared at this stage to risk four years work :slight_smile: That said, knowing the workaround is very useful.


Thanks, this is filed. It’s not an upgrade issue particularly but an issue with the contrast colour applying incorrectly when the View Label Color In > Binder is set, As an alternative to switching on the “Use Full Width in Binder” option, lightening the label colours in the Project Settings will make the text colour flip back to black.