[LH2599] Binder question

I imported an old project from scrivener 2 into the beta and in the binder, some scenes are shown in white text but most are black. I can’t figure out why only a few are white. Can anyone help me? (Feels dumb)

I’d guess it has to do with the label color you’ve assigned to them.

Yes, this is a bug–the text colour in the binder is dynamic and should contrast with the background colour, but there’s a bug causing it to contrast with the label colour even when that’s not being used in the background. There are three workarounds for now:

  • Set View > Use Label Color In > Icons (and disable the Binder option) to have the document icon coloured, rather than a label dot to the right.
  • Leave on the current label option and also enable View > Use Label Color In > Show As Background Color in Binder to make the label a stripe of colour behind the text, so the contrast colour is appropriate
  • Lighten the label colour, which you can do from Project > Project Settings > Labels by double-clicking the colour chip.