[LH2621][] Dark Background, Light Text Not Working Correct

I just downloaded and installed the current Windows BETA and was trying to setup the Composition view to be a black background and white text in the options. Which I did set, but it does not seem to be working correctly.

I uninstalled and deleted all settings and folders that were stored in Program Files and AppData. Reinstalled and tried once more to the same result.

I was able to replicate it in the tutorial files. When you click on The Binder and F11 the text color is switched to the lighter text color that it is supposed to override it with. But if you click on the file just below The Editor and F11 the text stays black.

I have not been able to find where in the text formatting that the text used in The Binder is magic and can be overridden, but the magic is not there for The Editor.

Thanks. This has been filed.

Same issue. Black background, as desired in Composition Mode, but switching text to another color doesn’t work (I’m aiming for the look of a Wang processor, for an example, but with light blue text), and the paragraphs are instead still black text, but with a white highlighted look to them. Any fix for this? Experimental Dark Mode isn’t a workable option in CM at this point, it seems.