[LH2621]: composition mode fails to override text colors

I just downloaded the Windows beta and I opened an existing project to play around with it. When I enter composition mode, the text color is black on dark gray – not great for readability. I went into the settings and both the text and background color are their default values (light gray on dark gray). In addition, “override text color” is checked.

I’ve searched past forum threads and it seems that this is not the expected behavior – if things were working correctly, the colors specified for composition mode should override any colors applied in editor formatting given that this option is checked. However, the text is rendered as black regardless of whether the override option is selected. If I select the text and choose “remove color”, composition mode now displays the correct color, indicating that the failure to override is probably the problem.

I am able to reproduce this in a blank project by following these steps:

  1. Create project
  2. Type some text
  3. Select text, right click, choose “text color”–>“black”
  4. Enter composition mode. The text appears black instead of gray, even though “Override text color” is checked in settings.

I can live with this for now but thought that you should know about it! Any updates or suggestions appreciated. I am on, 64-bit, Windows 10.0.18362.

This has been filed. Thanks.