[LH2621] Composition Mode Question

I can’t seem to change the background color of the composition mode in S3. Beta (404521) 64-bit - 10 Dec 2018

What am I missing here?

Go to Options>Appearance>Colors>Composition Mode>Editor and click the little color swatch. I know I couldn’t find it at first as I was looking for something like “background”.

For me it seems to work, whereas beta 10 wouldn’t respond to color changes right away. Days later, after I forgot my experiments, suddenly the background would turn hot pink :slight_smile:

As I play with it now I discovered a related problem. If you’re working with text that has a defined color, even black, then changing the composition text color and clicking “Override text color with color” doesn’t do anything.

As some point for my main project, in the options Editing>Formatting I had changed the starting text color to black, when I think it’s normally “default color/nothing” or that swatch with the red line through it. Thus I could never change the text color in composition mode.

When I change the starting color to “nothing”, or when I start a new project, the “override text color with color” in composition mode works,

Perhaps I should start a new thread for this as a bug.

Don’t worry about starting a new thread. There is indeed an issue where Composition mode is not correctly overriding text that has already been coloured, such as projects created in the Mac version. I’ve updated this post with the ticket number. Thanks!

Is there a workaround for resetting the document text color for an existing project so that override colors will work?