[LH2621] Fullscreen editing breaks when changing project between Mac and PC (color issue)

There is an unresolved bug in which opening a project on a PC after using it on the Mac, the background color of the text is no longer transparent. This makes it impossible to use fullscreen editing when switching between PC and Mac.

These images shows how to reproduce:

  1. Opening text on PC after using a mac (cannot read text)
  2. Change background and foreground to no color (looks ok in fullscreen now)
  3. Open on a Mac (looks good)
  4. Re-open on a PC (cannot read text, like image 1)

Edit: seems I am not allowed to upload more than 3 files - but image 4 is identical to image 1 - the text is unreadable because the color is wrong after opening it on a Mac and turning on fullscreen mode on PC.

Thanks. This has been filed.