[LH2669] "censored" text?

Yesterday evnening I changed a detail in the style of my main paragraphs in editor and applied it to the whole manuscript. After that, everything was okay.
Today morning I opened my project and saw it like in the attached screenshot. Most of the paragraphs with that style (surprisingly not all) are blackened.
I updateted to Beta 12, but this didn’nt help.
I have to remove the paragraph style and assign it again manually, then everything is okay. But with 95 scenes in my book, this is quite a job … and I am afraid, after closing and re-opening Scrivener, it will be buggy again :imp:
Any help appriciated.

I am afraid redefining a style and applying it globally in your project is having issues. This was also reported in Beta 11, but we did not have time to fix it in Beta 12.

thanks anyway … good to hear that it wasn’t my fault :unamused: