[LH2698] BETA 12 - Custom metadata: not able to write a date before 2000, not able to sort date field

Hi. I’ll do this in English, but it is not my language so please tell me if I am unclear.

One of the main reason I am waiting for Scrivener 3 is the possibility to have a date metadata field, to sort my novel chronologically. Lots of back and forth in my structure, tough to keep the timeline coherent and neat.
On Beta 12, I created a “Date et heure” field, using a custom format: yyyy/MM/dd hh:mm to put a timestamp on each scene.
But I could not put “1995” in the direct-entry field. I could when using the calendar pop-up only, which is quite long is you want to put 1945 :slight_smile:
Also, I could not sort texts in a newly created collection according to this date/time field, which is the main reason to use that field.

Thanks for the great product!

(BTW, will Scrivener 3 and Aeon work together?)

If you open the calendar, then click on the year you can type whatever number you want. :slight_smile:Clipboard Image (3).png

Neverthless, it’s a bug.

Date data should be enterable in the date field, including dates before 2000.

Once I enter a date into the field, I have to DELETE the date to enter a new date, unless I use the little scroll fields, and go all click-happy on the calendar.

So, I enter Jan 21, 1870.

I shift off of the date field, realize i need to enter 1865, not 1870.

Click on the year in that calendar. Whatever I enter here, now, will not change the date field. I can enter it, hit return, but nothing changes. Only if I click the date in the month will it change. I already have the correct month and day; why do I need to do this again? [BUG]

Once the date is in the 19th century, though (say, 1870), I can change the two-digit year where the field is shown as 01/21/70. But I cannot enter the century of the year, there. And if it’s back in 1763, I can’t even change it there. I HAVE to use the Calendar to enter the date. [BUG]


The Calendar will not allow a date prior to September 14, 1752. I cannot scroll past that limit.[BUG]

So if I have some events taking place prior to that date – such as on November 27, 1620 – I can’t actually use the DATE field to do that.

And in the calendar view, I cannot manually enter a date outside that century (relative to the date currently in the field). So if I’ve got 1920, I cannot enter a date like 1870. I have to use the scroll arrows by the year field to do it [BUG!].

If it’s intended this way, that’s a design flaw.

And why is the date only enterable in mm/dd/yy? I really want 4-digit years. I know it can handle them. So why doesn’t it let me enter them, straight up, in my chosen format? Even mm/dd/yyyy would be okay. Not really great, but acceptable.

I’ve got other ways to deal with this that don’t involve Scrivener 3’s Date type of Metadata (which at this point I must consider broken and unusable for most of history).

Back to using three metadata fields for dates.

I see no bugs. It works for me.

I can confirm that when I create a custom data metadata field with the format yyyy/MM/dd hh:mm I cannot enter the date directly, nor can I enter any year in the calendar before 1752.

Thanks. This has been filed.