[LH2701|LH2698|LH3388]: Calendar Control for Date Meta Data Field Not Entirely Visible

With the Scrivener window maximized, the calendar control for entering a date into a date type custom meta data field shows on the right side of the window, but the rightmost days are not visible, and neither is the arrow to move to the next month. In my case, with weeks starting on Sunday, all Saturdays are not visible. Since that calendar control is not movable, the only way to select a Saturday from the calendar is with the keyboard or by working in a smaller window.

Additionally, the dialog box to hold the date between the calendar control and the meta data field only shows a two digit year despite my Windows being set to show a four digit year in the short date format. Writers of fiction, biography, or history will often use dates in other centuries. Selecting a different century in the calendar shows the correct date in the meta data field even though only the last two digits of the year show in the dialog box.

The problem is that you cannot copy and paste a starting date because that dialog only accepts a two digit year which assumes the current century. You have to open the calendar and scroll or change the year, then find the month and day. That’s a tedious process for every scene. There should be a four digit year as well as a simple way to copy and paste dates and times. A project property to specify the start date and time of a project would be more sensible than defaulting to the current date and time for the calendar unless the user leaves that property empty.


[quote] You have to open the calendar and scroll or change the year, then find the month and day. [/quote] If I'm writing for, say, 832 AD, scrolling through 12 centuries is VERY tedious.

My workaround is to use three custom metadata fields: Year, Month, Day. I make the month and day fields lists (01 to 12 (or Jan to Dec, if you wish) & 01 to 31), and the year a freeform text field. I don’t use a DATE formatted field if I’m working on events anywhen outside the hundred years surrounding us.


Two of these issues have been filed : the custom meta-data not matching the windows settings, and the inability to type into the date field directly.

As for the issue of the calendar extending off the edge of the screen while the Scrivener window is maximised, I was unable to replicate this in the latest Beta version. Are you still experiencing this MIIK?

I can’t duplicate that one, but I found another one assicated (there’s a workaround, however).

Remove the inspector pane.
Make a date field using a four-digit year.
Create an outline view of a folder of documents; adjust the view to contain the date.
Make Scrivener Full Screen.
Make the outline view narrow enough that the date field is edging off the screen.
If then you click on the right-hand edge of the date field when it’s partly “off-screen”, you can’t see the arrow to get the calendar. The callout box descends from where you clicked.
The calendar does appear to respect the screen edge, but the callout box with the date and time does NOT. I think this is fixable; it just needs a bound on the right side.

The workaround is obvious. Make sure you have enough room to see the callout box by clicking on the left edge of that field, and leaving the field wide enough to show all of that callout box.

The full calendar shows on the screen with Beta 12, so that part of the issue is resolved.

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Thanks. This has been filed.