[LH2713] Editor Not Respecting Options for Appearance Font Changes When Creating New Text Item

Hey all,

Been playing with colors (because of course for beta tests we should be focusing on how things look - :wink: ) and think I’ve found a bug.

Changes to font color in the Appearance tab of the Options do not propagate to new text items that are created after the changes are made. Surprisingly, this also extends to other projects opened after, so I can change the appearance of the Editor font, then create a new text item OR create an entire new project - the active/focused Editor item will respect the font color choice, but any new text item created after in either case will revert back to the original font color.

This also happens if the color change is made manually or if selecting the “Copy from Full Screen” option.

I don’t know if this also applies to changes to font colors in the full screen mode - will try to get some more testing to check.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. From the Options menu item, select Appearance tab, then the “General” sub-tab
  2. In the “Colors” frame, select Editor> Text
  3. Select a different color with the color swatch
  4. Select OK or Apply; the active/ focused Editor item will show the updated color of the font.
  5. Create a new Text item ( Add Item>New Text)
  6. Focus the Editor onto the new item
  7. Type into the Editor window; text has reverted back to original color.

System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Version: Scrivener

Thanks, this is filed. Don’t worry about testing the composition mode colours at present, as there are some big changes we need to make regarding how those appearance colours are applied. Once that’s done, any testing you want to do would be great!