[LH2734] Question about adding web pages

Just installed the Windows beta and had a question about adding web pages to the Research Folder. When I do this, it only generates a blank document, with the web page link at the bottom of the editor. Clicking that opens the link in my web browser, but it won’t allow me to view the page while I am working inside Scrivener. Is this a bug, a known issue, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any feedback.

Bug. :slight_smile: It’s a display issue only–the file should be importing correctly as a .mht file into the project folder, so once the display bug is fixed, you should be able to load these. In the meanwhile, you could use the project Bookmarks to add a live link to the page instead of archiving and importing the file; the page would then be viewable in the inspecotr, which can be resized.