[LH2735] Typo in pop up error when opening project with file conflict

I made a copy of a project specifically for beta testing, so I could give it something meatier. This particular project folder had an old .scrivx file from an old, long-ago-resolved conflict (from cloud backup, of course). Even though I clicked the specific .scrivx file I wanted to open (this was the 1st open of the project in the beta, so it was getting ready to convert it), it told me there was a possible conflict with the attached pop-up (which was actually really nice because it gave me new information and if I didn’t know which scrivx file to use, this let me know). But there’s a typo where it says “…storing the project on a clound service.”
I wouldn’t use a clound service anyway. Clowns are scary. :wink:

Otherwise, I’ve only looked over the import and it seems to have translated all my weird folders and my documents very well. :slight_smile:

Haha, thanks. This has already been reported and filed. :slight_smile: