[LH2744] No button option for 'no split'

When the editor is split, either horizontally or vertically, there does not seem to be a button to remove the split. The button only toggles between horizontal and vertical. The only way close the split is through View/Editor Layout/No Split. Is this feature on purpose?

If memory serves, it was the same way in 1.9. Does take some getting used to. :slight_smile:

1.9 always displays explicit “No Split” buttons on the Header View. One of the first things I noticed in the Beta was that these are gone.

So to answer the OP, yes, I am 99% sure this is intentional,otherwise why make so radical a change.

One easy way to confirm–and to confirm any other question about the direction of Windows Scriv–is simply to review the Mac user guide.

As much as is technically possible, L&L’s stated direction for Windows is equivalence with Mac, so let the Mac user guide be your guide.


I’m not seeing this behavior. When the editor is split (not to be confused with having a copyholder pane open), then you just click (without holding down any keyboard keys) on the icon in the header of the editor you want to keep open. The icon should look like a tiny window with no splits. If you press the ALT key, it should toggle between the alternate split and “no split” icons.

I do see that when I ALT-TAB to another application from Scrivener v3 it toggles the “no split” icons (which appear in the header of both my split editor panes) to the other kind of split. When I return to Scrivener from that other application, the alternate split icons remain instead of showing the “no split” icon. I’m not sure if that’s intentional, but just tapping the ALT key “fixes” it.

Yes, there is a known bug where using alt-tab to move to another program causes Scrivener to ‘stick’ as though Alt is still being pressed. This has been filed.

Otherwise what RDale says is correct, tapping “Alt” should fix this issue for the time being and return the split icon to the ‘‘no split’’ option.