[LH2747] Index Card Lines

I was looking for a way to activate the index card lines to display without success. These are the lines and divider line on the card. The divider line is displayed, however the color does not change. The index card lines do not display no matter what color or change in “View-Corkboard Options” selected.

Changing Options-Appearance-Colors-Index Cards (Index Card Divider / Index Card Lines)

Changing colors does not do anything.

Thanks. This has been filed.

I don’t think it has been fixed. Lines still don’t display on the index cards in the most recent beta no matter what settings I choose.

Correct. It has been filed and given a number but has not yet been resolved.

Please check the most recent fix list at https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/scrivener-3-0-beta-release-candidate-10-download-links-change-list/38228/1 when a new beta comes out. If it isn’t listed there, we are aware that it is still an issue. If it is listed there, then a new post should be made to let us know we missed something.