[LH2748] Composition Mode Text Color changes to Black if I use Go To at bottom of screen

[Windows 2903 64-bit, most current Windows 10, 4K Samsung 28 inch display]

When I enter Composition Mode, everything looks OK,

but if I go to bottom of the screen, and select Go To and go to another document, then the text color turns to black and makes it unreadable.

On my desktop and 4K Samsung display, once I hit F11 again or ESC to exit, then when I go back into Composition mode, everything is OK until I use the Go To again.

However, on my Windows 10 (current also) laptop using the 4K display it comes with, I have the same behavior, except when I exit Composition Mode and then go back in, the black text is still there. I rest to Defaults my Options on that machine, but it did not help.

When I do this with 1.9.7 using the same displays, it works as intended and without problem.

Thanks. This has been filed.