[LH2751] Adding a folder as bookmark does not list its contained documents

Adding a folder to the document or project bookmarks does not show the chevron to its right in order to list the contained documents as a drop down menu. How can I enable that? BTW, in the Mac version, it does add the chevron.

Question, are you using a theme other than the default? If so, then that is a known issue with the themes, especially the dark theme.

I’m using the default theme.

Oops, sorry. I read binder and not bookmarks. Adding a bookmark to a folder does not have a carat(chevron) next to it. If you select it (click on the bookmark), the folder contents are displayed in the main edit window via the corkboard. You can open it as well in other ways by right-clicking on the folder bookmark as shown here:
Annotation 2020-05-20 133807.png
I don’t see a way to select an individual file within that folder. Maybe I am not using bookmarks properly?

Thanks. But, to clarify, on the Mac, Scrivener shows a chevron next to a folder bookmark in the inspector. I mean a whole folder is added as a bookmark for a document. Right clicking the folder bookmark and choosing Open in current Editor does indeed open the folder’s corkboard view. But, it would be more productive to list all the sub-documents by quickly clicking on a chevron.

Yep. This might be a bug, or maybe a feature not yet implemented. It would definitely be more useful to be able to select an individual document within the bookmarked folder the way the Mac version does.

Yeah, this is a feature we have on the list that just hasn’t been implemented yet. Unfortunately there’s not really a workaround for it now; adding the folder to bookmarks more or less treats it as a single document, so to see its contents you’d need to open it in one of the main editors and go from there.

Thank you for the explanation. I see it has a bug tracking number, so will be patient and let you guys figure out how to make it work. :slight_smile:

Excellent! I look forward to using this feature soon. Thanks. :slight_smile: