[LH2751] Bookmarking Folders in Scrivener 3 Beta

In this link:

literatureandlatte.com/blog … crivener-3

It talks about bookmarking folders then being able to access a pull down to view the documents in that folder.

In Windows 3 Beta the folder is pulled over but no “down-pointing chevron appears on their right in the bookmarks list”. Just an icon for the folder

Am I missing something?

I just checked it and got the same results. The folder shows but is treated as a single document. Didn’t see a way to access the documents inside it.

Also, as with notes in the inspector, it is not updated. So, when I remove the folder from bookmarks, I needed to close and re-open scrivener to have it removed from bookmarks in the inspector.

This is a feature, which is still not implemented under Scrivener for Windows v3. Only single document bookmarks are supported at the moment RC4.

Will it be supported in the final release?