[LH2754] Options Dialog on win10 asus zenbook way to big


when I open Scrivener Beta on win 10 on the asus zenbook, the options dialog is way to big. I cannot move it up to get the ok button to click.

Sorry if someone else has mentioned this before - my english is not sufficient to search for the correct topic :slight_smile:


Hi, I believe this is an issue with the Windows display scaling that we’re looking into. Under the Windows display settings (available from the context menu if you right-click an empty area of the Windows Desktop), what is listed in the Scale and Layout section for the scale and screen resolution?

Meanwhile, you should be able to press Enter in lieu of clicking the OK button, or Alt-F4 to close without saving changes.

Hi Jennifer,

The screen resolution is 1920 X 1080, scaling is 150%. I have never changed this setting so I gues it is generic.

Best regards,

Thanks for that! While we’re looking for a solution to this, you can try going into File > Options and deselecting “Enable High DPI Mode”, then closing and relaunching Scrivener. That won’t be ideal either, but it should at least reduce the size enough that things will fit, albeit some buttons and such will be on the very small side. If that’s too much a nuisance, you may just want to wait for a later beta. :neutral_face: