[LH2754] Options Dictionary Dialogue box not resizing

Loving the Beta thank you L&L.

While using Windows in a zoomed desktop mode (175% - for use on a big screen TV) - the dictionary dialogue box is too big to click OK or apply. When you try to resize the dialogue box using the mouse/top left corner of box, the box disappears! It shows on the taskbar, but won’t come back and forces a re start of the application.

During that process I also noticed (but I think this is an already raised issue) that spell check is picking up chunks of words such as ‘isn’ from the phrase ‘isn’t’ and so on.



Thanks for the report. What is your display resolution? We’re investigating what seems to be a display scaling issue whereby Scrivener’s UI is much larger than it should be at relatively low percentages, and the cases where I’ve seen this have been on machines defaulting to about 150% Windows display scaling but without very high resolution. You might try deselecting “Enable High DPI mode” in File > Options > General and then restarting Scrivener to see if that helps matters.

(As a comparison, the spelling dialog is by default only about a third of the screen height on my PC running Win 10 at 200% scaling on a 3360x2100 resolution, and it’s easily resizable, so the issue is definitely specific to certain setups.)

Yes, this is filed, thanks!

I had the same issue. Windows 10 Po laptop, XPS13, 1920x1080 screen set to 150%, all OS updates applied. The most significant issue is that to fix it, you need the options box and that flows off the screen, including the “ok.” The default for hitting return is ok, so that was easy enough, but I’m sure some users would be overwhelmed. I didn’t measure, but just from eyeballing it, it looks like a lot more than a 50% increase in size and other dialog boxes were similarly oversized.

With high DPI mode turned off, everything looks ok except for the top menu bar (file,edit, insert, etc.) which looks awkwardly crowded.

Thanks for the report and additional specs info, I’ve added it to our notes on this.