[LH2754] Size of toolbar icons

The toolbar icons in new Scrivener 3.0 are very small and way too pale. Perhaps you think, this is the more modern look, but I would prefer visible icons for working :open_mouth:
Perhaps it is possible to give users a choice with small/medium/big icons?

This is v1.9:

This is v3.0 beta:

The icons and interface in general has been redesigned to better fit with Windows 10 and a more modern, clean look, and they are sized down somewhat from the older 1.x design. They may be appearing smaller than intended on your screen if you have the Windows display scaling set, owing to a bug in the current version of the framework Scrivener uses; the text and icons are not scaling equally at all zoom levels. It looks like this should be fixed in an upcoming release of the framework, so we’re hopeful. Overall, although the design changes are throwing you off initially, you may find that you don’t even notice it (or notice it positively!) after working with the program for a bit. :slight_smile:

I like the new fresh design, really. But I don’t find my icons intuitively anymore, I need a very close look to get the right one …

I used Scrivener 3 Beta for a while and I still agree with this. Please give us the option to have bigger icons. It would make things a lot easier to use. Bigger icons make it easier if you have sight and/or dexterity issues. I want a program that is easier to use and I personally don’t give a jot if it looks like Windows 10!!! As a disabled user, usability is important to me.

I’'d have to agree with Stacey here. I’m not 17 any more (apply multiplier as you’d like), and I have some retinal problems left over from arrested diabetes.

Unfortunately Windows 10 may make answering this difficult. I find they’ve rolled back a number of their easier methods for accessiibility, in favor of the ‘Magnifier’ – which gives a dismal look to fonts, not to say awkwardness to using anything…

Magnifier was useful to see that the icons at 150% would be a lot more discernable – try the one for Move to Trash as an example of difficulty. Which again is Microsoft’s fault for their unclever icon design itself.

The tooltips do help a lot, and come up in a reasonable time.

There’s a hint from earlier methods that increasing the font size for menus would cause the Win icons to increase in size. Might the programming team find that this still works , if they apply it?

It wouldn’t go amiss if the fonts in menus magnified, either, so possibly this could be a good solution.

In fact, it has some feeling that Microsoft did the dirt here to allow themselves to increase the density of their ribbon menus. But this doesn’t help many persons, any more than the typeface in this new forum…

Icons were always in question from early times in graphic displays, and frankly I find them too often inscrutable, with a deep background in such things. Maybe faster tooltips as an option could be another effective way around the problem at hand?

Kind regards to all involved,

The toolbar icons are especially difficult to perceive under a low-contrast Windows theme. I’m comfortable with the icons redesigned in Windows 10 style, but the shading cues in the Main and Formatting toolbars are mismatched.

For example, compare the Binder Expand/Collapse icons, when available and unavailable, with the Alignment icons on the formatting toolbar:

The Binder Expand icon is almost invisible when it’s not available. But when it is available (top left), its shading matches that of the Alignment icons when they’re not available (bottom right).
I’d vote for consistency, and the shades of the formatting toolbar!

Rgds - Jerome