[LH2756] Font selection not sticking for "Bahnschrift Light"

I have a rather weird problem with fonts for my documents, as follows:-

I open a new document to the font “Bahnschrift Light”, type out the text and save it. Close Scrivener and re-open it and I find that the font has changed to “Bahnschrift”. If I change the font to “Arial”, it sticks. If I select “Bahnschrift Semilight”, it switches back to “Bahnschrift”. Next I try using “Calibri Light”. Closing and reopening Scrivener, I find that this sticks. So does “Copperplate Gothic Light”.

I’ve tried a bunch of other fonts and so far, this only happens with “Bahnschrift Light” and “Banschrift SemiLight”, “Bahnschrift SemiBold” works fine.

Furthermore, if I have “Bahnschrift Light” text that I cut, it turns into “Bahnschrift” when I paste the text back anywhere in the document.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This has now been filed.

Bug still present in

I believe they have a bug tracker – that’s the [LH####] bits in the title. The README for each beta release lists the bugs that are fixed. If your bug number isn’t listed under the “Bugs Fixed” section, that doesn’t mean it’s forgotten, it just means the fix wasn’t included yet. You don’t need to post and say it’s still present, they’re still tracking it.

You can find the readme here:

Now, if it says your bug is fixed but you’re not seeing the correct/expected behavior, THEN it’s worth a note to the thread. Also good to post if the bug is fixed and you confirm you are, indeed, seeing the correct/expected behavior.