[LH2757] Snapshots - Switching navigation mode sometimes causes crash

When doing a snapshot compare, switching between navigation modes (paragraph, clause, word, character) sometimes causes Scrivener to crash/vanish back to the Windows desktop.

Scrivener beta (19429) 20 Nov 2017
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 10.0.15063

That is a serious bug! It looks like it occurs when trying to Compare when set to “Clause”. We’ve filed the bug. Good catch!

I’ll add this here, as may be related…

Re snapshots feature in Inspector… “You can also compare the differences between two snapshots by selecting them both in the list and clicking on Compare.”

Selecting more than one snapshot not working before starting Compare (button shows Compare).

Not sure that doing the following makes sense, but after a compare (button shows Original), attempting to select more than one snapshot sometimes (1 out of 4 perhaps) causes Scrivener to crash/vanish.

Hello again! In the current tutorial the section about selecting two snapshots for comparison should appear in a red box, signifying that it is not yet implemented. Once it is implemented, please let us know if you experience any crashes.