[LH2758] Project Notes are not carried over when Scriv3 file is created

Scrivener creates a folder called Project notes, and there are files in there with the correct filenames for each of my Project Notes files, but they are all empty.
Here is a sample of a Project Notes file that fails to get transfered. I’ve added a .txt extension to enable me to upload it.
Note-14.rtf.txt (37.3 KB)

The problem most likely happens during the project upgrade. To trace this further, we would need the Scrivener v1 project, simeva. If possible, send it to windows DOT support AT literatureandlatte DOT com with “BETA” included in the subject line and a link in the email to the forum post.

Ok, done.

Thanks for sending the project. In taking a look, I saw there are a bunch of extra files within the project’s Project Notes folder–files that Scrivener didn’t create, including some plain-text files and an Excel spreadsheet file. It doesn’t seem that these alone are causing the problem with the notes upgrading correctly, but their appearance may be related to whatever is causing it. What is the project’s history–has it been transferred a lot between drives or backup servers? Is it syncing with another system that might be affecting this? (e.g. I’ve seen Google Drive modify file extensions within the project folder.) It’s possible whatever affected this folder also made other changes in the project folder that are affecting the upgrade process. And either way, it’s worth looking into, since you don’t really want anything outside of Scrivener to be modifying or adding files into your project folder. :slight_smile:

Ahh I’ve been caught! :blush:

Many of my Project notes files are tables, and there is no way of directly writing a table into a Project Notes file in 1.9. So, way back, I found I could create tables in regular 1.9 pages, copy them with the right name into the Project Notes folder, and - hey presto - I could have tables in my Project Notes, and add/edit new text as I need it.

The only drawback is that there is no way of editing the table layout in Project Notes, so if this has to be done I make a copy of the Notes file, rename it, edt it as a normal 1.9 page and copy it back. The txt files here are a note of the relevant filenames. The .xls file, as I recall, is a something I used to work out column widths when all this started.

Anyway - these are files that I have put in this folder, not errors generated by a faulty back-up process. I’d forgotten about this. I’ve been doing it for years.

So another possibility is that the conversion functionality has a difficulty coping with these unusual rtf files (though they were created by Scrivener). Maybe just with tables.

Which leads me to ask - can this new version of ‘Project Notes’ cope with tables?

Ah, thanks for explaining that. It doesn’t seem to be a problem just of the extra files, as I said; in another project I can use the full ProjectNotes folder from your sample and convert them just fine, and likewise removing the extraneous ones does not fix the problem in your sample project. So there’s something else at play here, but it’s good to know the whole project hasn’t been mucked about by some third-party software messing with file names and so on.

Project Notes in 3.0 are just regular binder items, the same as other documents, so they have all the features available as the rest of your project.