[LH2760] Beta 12: Default text line height not working correctly; copy does not carry line height into pasted text

This one might be a little messy, several moving pieces.

  1. In Project/Project Settings/Formatting, selecting the spacing dropdown, selecting More… and defining a Multiple line height of 1.3 (for example), the demo text changes its spacing but the dropdown does not indicate the new settings, remaining at “1.0x” followed by the before/after paragraph settings.

  2. New text added to a new document displays with the correct line height.

  3. Opening a Scrivener project with this default setting displays text as single line spacing on any document containing default text. Selecting the text, choosing another style, then choosing No Style resets it to the correct line spacing. All documents show up this way.

  4. Copying text and pasting it anywhere in the same or another document, the text displays with single line spacing. Selecting it and doing the style reset strategy in #2 above resets the line spacing.

I did not run into this problem in Beta #11.

Thank you for posting this problem – I’ve noticed it as well and have had trouble trying to phrase it coherently for a report.

I will add, though, that, while new text added to a new document presents the correct line height (my default is 1.2x), the toolbar still displays line height as 1.0x. Attempting to change the displayed number changes the line spacing but doesn’t fix the incorrect display (e.g., attempting to change the toolbar-displayed 1.0x to 1.2x: the line height changes from 1.2x to 1.4x and the number displayed changes from 1.0x to 1.2x).

This display issue sometimes corrects itself on continuing to enter text in a new document, and sometimes it doesn’t – thus far I haven’t found a pattern, but will continue to test.

This has been filed. Thanks.