[LH2760] Line spacing change does not stick when changed using editor drop down menu.

Ive just tried to change my line spacing using the drop down menu to 1.2, it reverts back to 1.1. This occurs if the document is empty or has text in it.

Using Beta (19429) on Win 7.

Thanks for the report. There is a visual bug whereby the format bar spacing is not updating to show the correct spacing after it’s been changed via the spacing dialog (e.g. clicking More… in the format bar spacing menu to enter a new value); the spacing in this case does update, it’s just not displaying the proper value on the format bar until the project is reopened. Does this match what you’re seeing, or is the spacing actually not changing at all even after you’ve selected it? Are you selecting from the drop-down menu in the format bar, without opening the spacing dialog?

The spacing does stick after project is reopened. I used the spacing dialog and the drop down menu.

Great, thanks for the clarification. This is filed, then. :slight_smile: