[ LH2760 ] - line spacing not remembered

When I select some text, and change the line spacing ( from single to at least 16pt ), then I click ok, and with the text still selected I reopen the Line Spacing panel, it has remembered the Before and After Paragraph settings, but forgotten the Line Spacing and At changes I made, and instead it shows me Single again … so the Line Spacing window is either not picking up the line spacing from the text selected ( to show you what it actually is before you change it ), or it’s not actually changing it, or it’s changing it back when you open that window again ( I can’t tell which of those 3 things it’s doing, but it has to be one of them ).

Thanks. This has been filed.

Having the same issue. I also have additional issues here about which I’m not sure whether they should go in an extra topic or have already been find (but couldn’t find anything like it apart from this topic):

  1. If changing the spacing in the Options dialogue, Scrivener will first apply it nicely to new documents within a project, but upon closing and reopening it, all the existing documents are set back to simple spacing. (It seems to remember the settings for new documents, though.)

  2. Also, changing the spacing via the dropdown menu above the editor seems kind of bumpy: If I click “more” and try to adjust the spacing using the “Line Spacing” and “At” fields, then it simply doesn’t apply the selected options. It only works if first selecting the desired space (1.0, 1.1, 1.5 …) in the drop-down menu above the editor, then clicking “more” and there refining the options (“simple”, “double”, “at least”…). Not sure if that’s the way it’s intended to be.