[LH2761] Bug: Line Spacing in default formatting settings...

If you go here to set the default line spacing for Scrivener:
File -> Options -> Editing -> Formatting

…you can change the line spacing by clicking that drop-down button next to ‘1.1’ (which is the original default setting).
But once you click that down arrow, and click ‘more’ to set a custom value (like 1.2, which is what I want), and click ‘okay’, nothing happens!

The value still shows as 1.1. The sample text still is 1.1. And if you change the spacing in the current text, but hit Enter (next line), that line again has the value 1.1, and it sticks out among the remaining text of higher spacing.

Can it be fixed please? :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed this behaviour as well – I also like to default to 1.2x, though I’ve tried it with other values as well to the same effect.

As a workaround in the meantime, I’ve found it works to create a new document, set up the line spacing I want, then, under the Format menu, select ‘make formatting default’. Doesn’t fix the bug, but it does let you save your preferred line spacing as the default.

Hope that helps a little!

This has been filed. Thanks!