[LH2767] Creating a new folder in Binder requires clicking away before you can add a new text file


The title may not be clear. Here is the process that fails: Click on a folder in Binder, underneath which you want a subfolder. The folder is created and you give it a name. Hit Enter to end editing. If you then right-click on the corkboard and choose “Add,” then the “New Text” item is greyed out and unavailable. It is necessary to click a different folder in the Binder, then click back on your new folder. After doing this you can again right-click on the corkboard and the “Add>New Text” menu item is available.

Additionally, new folders are not created under the selected folder as one might expect, but in the hierarchy one level above and you must drag the folder into the selected folder you want it in. This is not intuitive or time-saving.


Thanks. The issue with not being able to add new documents or folders has been filed.

Folders being created at the same level as the selected folder however is consistent and intended behaviour. New documents are created under the selected folder, new folders are created at the same level.