[LH2767]: First Time In Pre-Existing Folder, Unable To Add

I suspect this has to do with working within an old V1 project that’s been upgraded.

But… I’ve got a lot of pre-existing folders in my manuscript (one for each scene of the story.)

When I click on a folder and it opens in my editor screen, and then right-click to Add a file/folder/template. All of the add options are grayed out and non-selectable. if I then click on another folder, and then click BACK on the original folder, the add options become available.

Hello! Would you mind giving us a bit more information about this?

Does this occur every time you open the project? Or just the first time after upgrading?

When you say you open the folder in the editor, does it matter if it is in Single Document Mode, Scrivenings, Corkboard, or Outliner?

Of course! That’s why I’m here.

Every time. I noticed it after I’d opened and closed the project a few times.

I’ve only noticed in Outliner, that’s my main way of doing things. I just shifted to Corkboard, clicked on an existing folder that I have not opened before this (FolderA), and then tried to add something, but everything was grayed out. I clicked on another folder (FolderB) and then clicked back on FolderA, and now the options to add things have re-appeared.

NOW… I just created a New project.

In the Draft folder when it first opened, I shifted to Outline mode. Then I created Folder A and Folder B. Then I clicked on Folder A in the Binder to open Folder A. Then I right clicked and… all the Add options are grayed out.

So I clicked on Folder B, then clicked on Folder A again and now the Add options are available again.

I reproduced your steps and couldn’t make it happen. :frowning: You were in outline mode the whole time, correct? All options were available to me on each folder.


I wanted to let you know that I have the same issue. The first time I enter a folder, I can’t add anything to it – all of those options are grayed out. If I click out of the folder and back in, all those options are active.

It also happens for me every time I open the project, for the first time I enter every folder. It’s very consistent.

It doesn’t matter which mode the folders are in when I first open them, and it doesn’t matter if the project was imported from the previous version or is a new project created in the beta version.

This is true, for me, when right-clicking the empty space in the editor pane, or when trying to use the button icons on the bottom of the editor pane.

Actually, going through tests, I just found that if I right-click the folder icon/name rather than space in the editor pane, the menu options are active for me. I can also add a new document with the ctrl+n shortcut. But the add options are still grayed out in the editor pane until I click out of the folder and back in. (Hope that makes sense?)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(I would add – not sure how this matters, though, just thought I’d mention it in case it might – when I first installed the beta version, I installed it in the default Scrivener folder (overwriting the older version). Rather than reinstall both again to get the Beta in a new folder, I simply reinstalled the older version in a new folder.)

Thanks all for the information! This has been filed.

Um, no. This is Outline or Corkboard.

And I’m not clicking ON the folder, but in the white space area. If I click ON the folder IN the Binder, it’s fine.