[LH2770]: -- Can't Upload Custom Binder Icons

Forgive me if this has been raised before – I searched the forum and I couldn’t find anything similar, but it’s entirely possible I missed something, in which case I apologise.

I’ve been trying out some customisation options in the beta, and every time I try to import a custom icon to the binder (using the ‘manage icons’ button), I’m given a pop-up that says"Icon with the same name already exists. Please, use a different name for your icon and import it again." I’ve changed the file names multiple times, attempted to upload from different locations, etc, and get the same message. The icon menu doesn’t show anything except the Scrivener defaults, so if they are uploaded somewhere they’re not showing up, and I’ve trawled everywhere I can think of to see if they’re hidden away in some library or folder somewhere, with no luck.

Anyone else had a problem like this, or is it stupidity on my part?

Thanks! This has been filed. It’s not just you. :slight_smile:

Excellent – good to know it was worth reporting after all! :smiley:

Thanks for reporting. I was about to do it, too, since I’ve got the same problem. (I so love the possibility of uploading custom icons, looking forward to having that bug fixed!)

Keep in mind that custom icons ( graphics files ) don’t display on iOS, as they look really bad there, according to Keith. But “text icons” show up, and can be based on Emoji. Just keep in mind that those characters are drawn differently on each OS, so they may appear different when synced.