[LH2771/2772/2773] Printing anomalies

I noticed a few problems when trying to print a document.

  1. It seems to print the title regardless of whether the “Print titles” checkbox is ticked in Print Settings
  2. The document does not honour the font size of the document and seems to print in point 12 (or 13) no matter what the document font size is. It does honour the typeface though.
  3. When the document is printed with the filename and datetime, it prints the project name instead of the file name. This may be related to problem #1. On the MacOS version, I get the line “filename - date -time” but on the Windows version, I get “project - date - time” + “filename/title” (in a huge font)

For MacOS, Scrivener 3
3. When a coloured text is underlined, the underlining is printed in black rather than the colour of the text itself. This is not a problem for the Windows version.


Thanks for the reports. We’ve been able to reproduce 1 & 3, but we haven’t been able to replicate the problem you describe in 2, with the font size being standardised in printing. Could you please post steps for recreating this problem?

I was likewise not able to reproduce the problem with the coloured underlining, printing from a 3.0 document under macOS 10.12.6 (opening as a PDF in Preview). This might be a macOS bug if you’re running High Sierra, or I may just not be following the same steps. I’d suggest posting this separately in the Mac Bug Hunt forum, with details on the system you’re working from.

Along the same lines, it is helpful if you can post bug reports here for the beta in separate threads, rather than grouped, to make it easier for other users to see what has been reported, and for us to track issues. We have limited resources and can’t necessarily handle all the reports in order, but we will get through them! :slight_smile: We greatly appreciate everyone testing and reporting bugs, and your patience!

Regarding #2, I realized that it wasn’t exactly ignoring the font size but that it was inconsistent with the MacOS version. To see the problem:-

  1. Create a simple file in Scrivener Beta 3 ( My file was made up this line: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” in Bahnschrift Light font at 11-points size.

  2. Look at the print preview of this file - the line takes up 3-lines in the print-preview. The font is much bigger than a normal 11-point font should look (compared to the MacOS).

  3. Look at the same file in MacOS Scrivener 3 print preview. It is using a much more reasonably sized font that does not result in 3-lines of text.

Thanks, that clarified the problem. I’ve filed this as well.

Bug still present in