[LH2784/LH2255/LH743] Word Import / Export Issue


Hello! In future, it would be helpful for us if these could be broken into multiple topics as they are distinct bugs. But for now I will try to address these in the order of your post:

  1. Thanks for this! This has been filed as a bug.

  2. I was unable to reproduce this after cursory testing. Is this something you have encountered frequently or is it specific to a certain document? If a specific document, would you be willing to send it to windows.support@literatureandlatte.com with “Beta” in the subject line and a link to this forum post?

  3. There should in fact be an option for this. That has also been filed.

Thanks for the sample document. The good news is it looks like it’s just a display bug with text decorations like the inline footnote and annotation borders. On documents long enough to scroll in the editor, these decorations are sometimes showing over much more text than they are actually applied to. If I compile the sample DOCX after importing it, the footnotes are all still distinct and containing only the text they should be.