[LH2800|LH2738|LH2565] Spell Check Doesn't Work

The spell check doesn’t work properly. It flags words or sometimes several letters in one word and several letters in the other. It also doesn’t add anything to the dictionary when you click “add to dictionary”. At least, if it does, it remains underlined as if it was spelled wrong. It also flags contractions. Screenshots attached so you can see what I mean.

I too am having the same problem,
I have discovered though if I go to “options” then “ABC corrections” and then open the view “personal word list folder” I can add the word manually and that solves the problem
Regards Grandad 7

Thank you! These have all been filed.

The funny thing is, when I click ‘add to dictionary’ and check the ‘personal word list’ the word is added to the list.
When the project is saved after a inactive period the word is removed from the list – unless I add another word to the list via the Options -> ABC.

I confirm this behaviour. My experience is that the added words remain in the personal list, even after changes of document, until Scrivener is closed. Then they disappear unless a new word has been added manually during that session - ones added in previous sessions do not count.

This problem may be nothing more than failing to save the personal list on exit.

I notice that words added are still marked as misspelt until Scrivener is reopened. (I haven’t checked whether this also occurs after going to another document and back).

Some words remain marked even though in the personal list. The ones I see are all connected with punctuation:

Orbi. is highlighted, even though it is in the personal list - put there by Scrivener. This may relate to another post which complains about spellchecker correction omitting any following punctuation.

Peter’s is highlighted. I would expect a spellchecker to recognise standard modifications to words, especially plurals and possessives.

In the first case orbi should have been saved without the following full stop but not used to remove a full stop from the text when correcting. The speller should not highlight common words or names with common modifications such as plurals and possessives.

While I am here may I make a request: is it or can it be possible to have personal spelling lists for each project? My current work includes a lot of Latin and Itallian phrases and many unusual (for English) names. Many of these words are likely to be typos in work with a different context.