[LH2802] Keep Binder Hidden when Advancing to Next Document

If I have hidden the binder and inspector panels so that only the document is in view, the binder panel reappears when I click on the “next document” carat. I want the binder to remain hidden until I summon it. (I’m using the latest Windows Beta but uncertain if the issue is Beta-related.) Thanks, k

Why not use Composition mode instead?

Thanks, this is a symptom of a known issue in the beta. Those buttons should no longer be physically changing the binder selection at all (now there is a secondary highlight for that), and I suspect that it opening the binder is a side-effect of this old behaviour.

The workaround is to use the shortcuts. For whatever reason the menu commands for these buttons seem to follow an entirely different code path than the buttons.

Thanks Amber! I can get along fiine with shortcuts. Lunk, I don’t know if composition mode would work for me because the binder contains quite a number of deliberately short, discreet documents. Each contains one step in a long procedure. I’ve windowed Scrivener to reveal only one doc at a time so that I don’t miss a step. It’s also handy to have Scrivener up in case I need to change or add a step. You can use Scrivener so many ways! It’s almost the universal tool. Thanks again, k