[LH2814] RegEx search for keywords

I do love the possibility to use RegEx searches!

But how is RegEx search for Keywords supposed to work? E.g. I use keywords like p:PlotPoint1, p:PlotPoint2, p:PinchPoint1, p:PinchPoint2. If I want to find all scenes to which any of these keywords have been assigned, then p:.*Point[\d] should work, but doesn’t. However if the keyword terms are being used as text inside documents e.g. where all the keyword meanings are explained and I use RegEx search for All or Text, then the search correctly finds all documents with these keyword explanations and correctly highlights all lines containing the RegEx matches.

Actually no other RegEx search terms, however simple, work with Keywords but do so for Text, Notes, Synopsis and Title . It looks as if the search simply defaults back to All Words. So I wonder whether it is actually a bug or rather a non-implemented (but expected) feature.

BTW: In the search menu, all sub-menu titles read: Search In, but should probably read: Search In, Search For, Search Scope or similar.

I suppose RegEx keyword search is difficult to implement, because in the .scrivx-file they only appear as a list of ids for every document, but then maybe when the user selects Keywords, the RegEx search option should be greyed out, indicating that this search method cannot be applied to keywords.

Or, better, make it work e.g. by using a search index, which holds a somehow usefully concatenated string of all assigned keywords (actual terms, not ids) for each document. This index should then be targeted when doing a RegEx search on keywords.

Whatever the outcome will be, even in the current state, having RegEx search really is terrific!

I’ve just tested them in the Mac V3 and regex seems to work fine for keywords, using your method


Perhaps it’s not fully been implemented in the beta yet, as you suggest.

Many thanks for clarifying! That leaves room for hope. :smiley:

Will this eventually get a [LHxxxxx] defect number? I do not want to bug you (well, not toooo much), but Regex for me is really a key feature, so … :blush:

Apologies for the late response. Yes, this has been filed. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.