[LH28278] - larger area to select toolbar item

In the formatting area of the toolbar, at the very left where we see the current style and a tiny little drop down arrow to indicate the ability to open up the menu item, I really think this is almost a bug in the respect that it’s such a tiny target to hit on screen, and it would make more sense to me if I was able to open that menu by clicking anywhere in that whole square – ie: if I click on the name of the currently selected style, that will open up the menu just as clicking on that tiny drop down arrow would do ( currently it does nothing if you click on the style name ) … just makes for a faster work flow if I have a bigger target to hit.

Good catch. :slight_smile: I am seeing this too.

The way the Style pulldown works is inconsistent to its neighboring pulldowns Font Name, Font Type, Font Size, or Font Spacing.

I can click anywhere within the rectangle of those neighbors and have the pulldown list appear. But with the Style pulldown, as noted by the OP, I need to click precisely on the inverted triangle to see the list.

If someone was on a high resolution monitor, I imagine it would be very tricky to find that tiny little triangle. 8)

Yep, this is a known bug and has been filed. Thanks!