[LH2828] Dash?

I tried typing a dash (in Windows - also in Scrivener old - with Alt + Num 0150). Bold text in Scrivener! To undo that, I need three! x Ctrl + Z.

Hello! I have a few more questions to help us look into this. What font where you using at the time? Were you using any styles on the text? and did any other text become bold?

Thank you for your help in this.

I have not used any fonts / formatings …
I have opened Scrivener. Writing some text, and try to use “Strg” + “0150”.
Here you can see, what I did:

Strg + 0150

Thank you, those images were very helpful. There is currently a bug where pressing the Alt (Strg) button to create special characters causes associated Styles to be applied when they should not. In your images you can see to the left of the font indicator (“Calibri”) that in the first image the Style is set to “No Style” (You can just see the beginning of the word, the “N…”) In the second image it has been switched to a style that begins with the letter “H”. I’m guessing “Heading 2”, which is set by default to “Alt+5”(Or “Strg+5”). While we work on getting a fix for this, you can highlight the selected text and choose “No Style” from the styles dropdown menu, located to the left of the font indicator(which in your image indicates “Calibri”).

Thank you for the tip. I understand – it works.