[LH2828] Replacement Error

I found a malfunction in replacements, where I can define my own text substitutions.
In Scrivener 1.9 I had a replacement for the correct apostrophe (’ = alt+0146).
I used [´ ] (acute + space) to replace it with [’].
This doesn’t work in Scrivener 3.0 beta. It works with two commas for example, so it seems only to fail with the accent, what would be more logical for me to use.
Even worse: I cannot use the alt+0146 keyboard stroke, because with alt+1 I trigger the headline format, which has the keyboard shortcut alt+1. (obviously alt+0 is ignored).

I guess, these are two different Bugs? The one with the not working replacement when using an accent and the other, where alt+1 ist triggered when typing alt+0146.

You are correct that this is two different issues. The issue you are experiencing with “Alt+” characters interfering with the Style shortcuts is known and has been filed. The issue you are running into with the apostrophe has to do with the ability to use “smart quotes” or “straight quotes”. If “Use smart quotes” is selected in File > Options > Corrections, then the single apostrophe [ ’ ] won’t trigger the replacement, since it will automatically be replaced with the smart quote, which is the character you get from Alt+0145.

If you wish to keep a similar replacement as you had before, I would suggest using “Alt+0145” + Space as the trigger instead.

Hope this helps!

No, this doesnt’ help!
I use smart quotes, and I want the single quote being smart as well, so replacing it with apostrophe is no solution.
In Scrivener 1.9 the replacement with accent + space is working fine for my replacement. Why doesn’t it work in Scrivener 2.9?

The substitution is working fine for me in testing, simply copying and pasting the characters from your post. Since you say it works with double commas, I assume that “Enable additional substitutions” is selected. Are you including the space in the “replace” field? If so, the replacement won’t occur until you type another character after the space in the editor–perhaps that’s a difference from the version you’re trying with the double commas. It might also be a difference caused by the keyboard language and layout. Do you have the accent available as a dead key? Does the replacement work if you paste the accent+space into the replace field and in the editor (then type another character)?

Thanks a lot for pointing that out, I found out how this is working.
I have to press the space key TWICE!!, followed by any other key, then it does the replacement and removes the extra space. So typing [it´ s] is correctly transformed to [it’s].
This is a different behaviour to v1.9, where the replacement was done after typing the space key ONCE, followed by any other key.

I have a german keyboard layout and have the accents (acute and grave) on a separate key. To type a vowel with an accent like é, I have to type ´ followed immediately by the e. To type the ´ as a single char, I have to type ´ followed by a space (which is not shown after typing).
In v1.9 this “invisible” space already triggered the replacement, which was done with the next keystroke.
Now in v2.9 the “invisible” space doesn’t trigger, I have to type an extra space, then it works with the next keystroke.

Ah, glad that sorted it. It’s always been the case that the substitution didn’t take effect until after typing the next character, but it seems then the behaviour with the dead keys has changed slightly with the editor updates for 3.0.

I’m curious, since it sounds like you do have the correction options set to convert straight quotes to smart quotes, what conversion are you getting in the editor for a the single straight quote (’)? It should be converting as well as the double straight quote, and there’s a dropdown in the options to choose what it changes to. Are you using this for a different form, or is it not converting?

I use it for single smart quotes and it works as expected! (This is why I can’t use it for the Apostrophe)

Makes sense. :wink: I’m glad that’s all working!