[LH2831] ScratchPad

Unable to bring up Scratch Pad with short-cut key (CTRL+Shft+0). Tried changing key combination in options and the change showed in the Window menu but still was unable to bring up Scratch Pad with the new combination.

Thanks! This has been filed.

I can bring something up, but it’s minuscule. (ctrl-shift-O? or ctrl-shift-0? I was doing ctrl-shift-O)Screenshot_2018-01-13_00-35-34.png

That is the Keywords Window (its shortcut is CTRL + SHIFT + O (like in Orbit), not 0 (like zero) ). The tiny title bar of that window is a wine problem.

With, if I do ctrl-shift-0, (zero) Scrivener will hang. (And I need to kill the process.) 64-bit.