[LH2833] Question: Dragging text from Binder (with SHIFT key) - what does it do?

The tutorial indicates that you can drag text from the Binder to a document with the Alt key. I noticed that if you hold the SHIFT key down while dragging from the Binder, the cursor changes, indicating some sort of modification of the drag, but this seems to be undocumented and doesn’t seem to have an effect. Can you tell me what this is supposed to do (or is the change of cursor when pressing SHIFT while dragging an error?

Same effect as just dragging - to move your text/folder to a new location in the binder.

Thanks, Rgletter. I too noticed this. However, if the function is the same as a normal drag and drop, I’m unsure why the cursor changes from a “plus” sign (for normal drag) to a arrow pointing to the right. If the functionality for Shift+drag was the same a drag only, there would be no need for a cursor change. Either shift+drag is supposed to do something different than drag, or the cursor change when holding the Shift key down is a bug.

Hoping someone at L&L can shed some light on this.

Shift+drag has no special action, but I’m not seeing any difference in the cursor, either. Could you detail the actions for seeing this? Which version of Windows are you on?

Running Windows 10 64-bit, version 1709 with latest patches.

To reproduce, click and drag a document from the Binder into the empty area of an open document, but don’t release the mouse button. The cursor should have a small white box in it with a plus sign (+) in it. Now, while still holding down the mouse button, press and hold the SHIFT key…the white box will now contain an arrow pointing to the right instead of the plus sign. You can alternate back and forth by alternately pressing and releasing the SHIFT key, so long as you don’t release the mouse button to confirm/complete the drag operation.

Hope that helps. The little which box in the cursor is definitely small, but it’s very clear if you look carefully that the icon inside is changing when the SHIFT key is held down. I’ve attached screenshots of both cursors.

Ah, got it, thanks!