[LH2839] Scriptwriting shortcut to tag Character not working, even though shortcuts for other elements are

When going through and tagging elements using the default Screenplay element set, I am able to tag elements such as Action using CTRL++A and Dialog using CTRL++D. However, when trying similar with Character, it does not work. The CTRL+\ part brings up the Element Panel, but then you need to cursor over and select Character. I check to make sure the Character Shortcut key of ‘C’ was defined and it was.

Thanks! This has been filed.

I recently (January 31) downloaded 2903 64-bit. Now whenever, I use CTRL+\ and then the shortcut key for the element, it is not working for any element. It is just not Character element that is a problem, but now all elements.As well as I can remember, I have not used this feature since I downloaded 2903 over 2902, and am pretty certain I have not as I have been working with well developed scripts and have not had to tag elements until today, So it be be a broader problem now with 2903.

I am not seeing this in the new beta. Are you able to reproduce this in a new project as well?


Not sure what happened but its appears to have been a temporary thing and likely caused by me having copied and pasted (the text within) scripts from 1.9.7 into a 2903 project. Several of the element definitions were slightly different, so they reverted to General Text. Then it was trying to re-tag the elements in 2903 that I ran into the problem and I tried it multiple time and for all elements, even the ones that did not change and it was not working.

As you suggested, I then created a new project and everything worked fine, including the fix for the Character element shortcut which was the original problem. So then I went back to the project that was having the problem (I had since closed in and re-opened it) and everything works fine now.

So I would consider this closed and if I have a similar problem again, I will try to source it better. Thanks.

Thanks for the update. And please do let us know if you run into anything like this again.