[LH2843] Editing Notes for a Script file inadvertently brings up Script Setting Panel if I double-return

When in the Editor and scriptwriting mode is activated, it is a nice feature to be able to hit Enter twice in succession and bring up the Script Setting Panel next to the cursor. However, the same thing happens when editing Notes for a scriptwriting document and it should not. I tried this in a normal text file and it behaves as expected, which is to provide two returns. But doing this in Notes for a script file, it asks me to select and tag the element in the Notes panel! And then it uses the indent (usually 0.5 inches) for that blank line. When editing Notes for a script file, scriptwriting mode should be off, not on and only on for the Editor.

I should have mentioned I am using a pre-release version 2903 Lee sent me when this occurred and it may have been introduced with the recent changes. It never occurred while using 2902, but I cannot verify with confidence, I ever did this in 2902, even though it seems likely I would have.

Thank you for catching this! This has been filed.