[LH2846] Default Bookmarks View

I use Project Bookmarks much less often than Document Bookmarks—almost never, actually—but there does not seem to be an option for making my preferred view the default.

The upshot of this is, every time I open bookmarks, and even though I have no project bookmarks, that’s the view I’m shown, and I have to switch over to document bookmarks manually.

Not only that, (and—if you’ve listened to me rant about this before—you won’t be surprised why it annoys me) I have to take my hands off the keyboard to make that switch and use the mouse!

Could we get an option we can set to choose what view we’d prefer?

Hi Charlson

The preferred Bookmarks view is retained via Window > Layouts.

Rgds - Jerome

Can I add to this requesting that Bookmarks remembers its last selected state for that particular document, as it did in last version? I used to use Corkboard view a lot, and the corresponding Notes view would be in Project Notes when Corkboard is clicked and no specific document selected, and then would switch to Document Notes when I selected a document.
This is not the case in new Scrivener, as it simply stays in Bookmarks Document View whether I am in Corkboard with no files selected, or in a particular file in the other editor.

This was extremely helpful and intuitive. Can we reinstate this for Bookmarks please?

If I correctly understand the impact of what you’re claiming, this means—if, for instance I’ve started a new project from a template—I have to remember to switch to the bookmarks tab and select my preferred view before saving a layout (my preferred bookmarks view being, as I said, Document Bookmarks as opposed to Project Bookmarks.)

Alternatively, I can modify every layout later.

Would not a preference, perhaps, be better?

Just sayin’.

I don’t think so. I’m pretty comfortable with the idea of Layouts as a set of grouped Presets that work together, so that a preferred view of Doc Bookmarks (as opposed to Project Bookmarks or perhaps Custom Meta Data) is matched with preferred pane widths and Group Mode. A choice embedded in Layouts is more granular and flexible than a singular pref in Settings. And it’s much easier to set up the layout you want and save it than it is to tick Settings boxes.

But I’ve also long considered the Inspector Pane to be one of Scrivener’s few design miscues, as it requires us to choose between Bookmarks and Keywords, for example, as we view a document, rather than splitting the pane to let us arrange our own preferred view. I’d use Keywords a lot more if I could see 'em with the Bookmarks.

In any event, if we know where the setting lives, we can change the view once instead of every time we fire up. I’m pretty sure you’ve been seeing Project Bookmarks as default because that view was live in the Inspector last time you saved your active Layout.

Rgds - Jerome

The inspector should remember whether you were viewing Document or Project bookmarks and keep it that way until you manually switch it, with the exception of special folders (Draft, Research, Draft) which cannot have document bookmarks and therefore always show project bookmarks. There’s a bug here though in that after the inspector has shown metadata for one of these folders, it is not correctly restoring the document bookmarks view when you switch to anything else. I’ve made a note of that.

This is the only way I’ve reproduced the inspector switching back to project bookmarks when I’ve left it on document bookmarks, but it sounds like you’re seeing this in other cases. If that’s so, could you provide steps so I can ensure that’s included in the bug report?

Fixing that should solve the main problem, but also I’ll note that although not currently possible, it’s planned for there to be a keyboard shortcut (or the ability to create one) to switch between the bookmark views so mouse toggling isn’t necessary.