[LH2848] : Encoding errors when compiling .mobi

I searched for encoding issues didn’t find any posts on this topic.

This is a fresh install of Scrivener (Version: Beta (19429) - 20 Nov 2017) on Windows 10.
Kindlegen Version 2.9 (appears to be the latest version on amazon.com)

I am trying to export my project in different formats. The encoding issue occurs when exporting .mobi or .kf8.mobi
It does not occur on .epub, .docx or .pdf.

This still happens after I set the encoding for plain text to UTF-8 in “Options>Sharing>Encoding For Plain Text”
Problem persists after a restart of Scrivener
Also occurs in a blank project.

§32 Important Issue!
“Wasn’t this a pretty test…” she said—and thought about all the times it had worked before. Häußer is a German name.

 § 32 Important Issue! â € œWasnâ € ™ t this a pretty testâ € ¦ â €  she saidâ €” and thought about all the times it had worked before. Hà ¤ ußer is a German name.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create Blank Project
  2. Type text (see above)
  3. Compile to .mobi using ebook format (I suspect format doesn’t matter)

Hope this helps, can provide additional info or screenshots if needed.
PS: even when checked there is no kindlegen logfile

Hello! Sorry for the delay in responding to this post. Currently compile is in an incomplete state with many functions not operable yet.

That said I attempted to reproduce this issue by compiling to both .mobi and .epub and using the Amazon Kindle Previewer. In both instances the previewer showed the issue you mention. Opening the .epub compile in a separate e-reader did not show the corruption, but when the Amazon Previewer converted the .epub the issue reappeared. This leads me to believe the issue lies with Amazon, but I will file this as a bug on our end as well to see if there is anything we can do to make the conversion better.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

I made a similar experience when compiling tomobi, whether th plain mobi or the KF9/mobi.

It looks similar with what happens, when someone uses UTF-8 charset and a text is written lin Western European charset. Then, too, German letters like ä or Italian è and such; and apostrophes that are not typewriter-like, ,but typogrphic ones are turned to hyroglyphs.

The same file, compiled into mobi in Scrivener turns out just fine… Therefore I don’t think that the issue lies with KindleGen, but thre must be something different. in Scrivener 3 in the compiling process from epub to mobi.

I just dug deeper: I compiled the same manuscript as before to html and put this html one into my Kindle previewer: Now that worked: the hyroglyphs are gone and iItalian letters and chevrons were readable.

Got some warnings, though. But in German

Beta 3,
windows 10
Kindle Prewiver 2.94 from 2012