[LH2850][Suggestion][UI]: Please give us the option to hide the top Title Bar and File menu

So I’ve been using Scrivener 3 for a few weeks on my MacBook Pro, but I’m switching over to a Windows machine soon so I decided to download and check out the Windows Beta. It looks pretty great so far! My main complaint, however, is how much more visually busy the Windows version is compared to the Mac client.

While the Mac client is maximized, Scrivener 3.0 is incredibly immersive and clean looking, even without entering full-screen composition mode. It’s been easy to lose myself in my work, and I adore the program. On Windows (10), however, I have a big white title bar at the top of the screen with the file path to my project (which seems like unnecessary information), and below that is the File/Edit/View options bar. Below that we finally get to the buttons I use often in Scrivener, It might sound like a minor thing, but after using the Mac version for a few weeks, the extra text and disparate colors at the top of the screen has been pretty distracting. I would honestly pay an extra $50 for the program if it could look as clean on Windows as it does on Mac.

Hello Sabyn,
The file path can be toggled on or off in the options general settings. The menus can be less intrusive if you wish by altering the file menu font settings. Smaller font or a feint setting maybe.

@Argoed - Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know it was possible to change the menu font.

@L&L Windows team - As per the OP’s request, it would be awesome to be able to toggle on/off the project title bar and the menu bar. Would certainly make the program less intrusive. Thank you for your consideration. :slight_smile:

This is just a macOS/Windows platform difference. The title bar and menu bar are standard on the main window of Windows applications, whereas macOS has the menu bar along the top of the screen constantly (albeit recent OS versions now build in the ability to hide it even when not in Full Screen).

Thanks Jennifer.

Some Windows apps, e.g. IE 11, allow the user to hide the menu bar. That’s what I had in mind.

I’ve added it as a possibility to look into (probably after 3.0 is released).

Great, thank you for considering! :smiley: