[LH2863] Allow a Key-Binding to focus the Styles-Dropdown list

Good evening

As we are writers, we don’t like to use the mouse for very often used tasks :slight_smile:,
therefore it would be wonderful if we could assign a hotkey to jump into the Styles Dropdown list. In M$ Word, the use Ctrl-Shift-s.

Using this Hotkey would allow users to assign a style very quick - without having to grab the mouse:

<hotkey><type the starting letters of the style name><Enter>

and you’re done :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, kind regards,

On the Mac there are a couple of ways of doing this:

  • There are nine default shortcuts (cmd-alt-1 to 9) which you can allocate to different styles

  • cmd-shift-y brings up a styles list which you can use the up and down arrows to choose the style or you can just type the first couple of letters to go straight to it. This second method is most useful when it’s not one of the styles you’ve allocated a cmd-alt-number shortcut to, of course.

If they’re not already in the Windows version, then presumably they will be at some point.

Thanks, brookter, for your hints, in Windows, we have alt-0 to 9 to directly assign a style, but I was not able to find a Hotkey to get into the styles list.

So we hope to get this keybinding command in windows too :slight_smile:

How about the accelerator key sequence: Alt-r s .

Rgds - Jerome

The usability of a key sequence is far away from what we’ve asked for: a Hotkey.
This is probably the reason, why there are a lot of other Hotkeys which could be reached by key sequence, too. 8)
For example, I prefer to just press
Ctrl-c instead of Alt-e-c
Ctrl-v instead of Alt-e-p
F12 and not Alt-f-o :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Thomas

The styles pop up menu as described up thread will be coming to Windows, so that should do what you’re after. Styles are also accessible via the context menu, which can be called up with the application key and navigated via the keyboard, but there are currently a few glitches in how that’s working so it’s not unfortunately a great option at the moment. (Strictly speaking, you can do this via the up/down arrows on the keyboard, but the selection highlight isn’t appearing properly so you’re working without that visual feedback, and the regular keyboard navigation by typing the initial characters is not currently working in that menu.)